Friday, July 8, 2011

Jackson County, North Carolina

Jarrett House, Dillsboro

George and I visited Jackson County, North Carolina, together, on October 28, 2010. It was part of a delightful, nearly weeklong vacation in the North Carolina mountains,  which included visiting six different counties!
The Jarrett House in Dillsboro is a historic bed and breakfast, established in 1884. The food there is supposed to be good, but George and I were too early for lunch.

Dogwood Crafters, Dillsboro

Dogwood Crafters in Dillsboro looked like a charming store, and I wish we'd taken the time to go inside!

Near Train Depot in Dillsboro

The railroad used to play a big role in Dillsboro. Now there are lots of little shops, several of them dedicated to mountain arts and crafts, it seems,

Old Jackson County Courthouse, Sylva

Downtown Sylva

Downtown Sylva

This is the old Jackson County Courthouse, in the county seat of Sylva. It's pretty majestic looking, especially with the steps leading up to the big white building. One of interesting things about the building is that it's been renovated to become part of the Jackson County Public Library Complex. When we were there last October (when this picture was taken), it was still a work in progress. It was finished earlier this year and dedicated last month. I'd love to do back and see it sometime.

This was my first sighting of downtown Sylva, very charming! As you can see, it was a beautiful fall day!

Jackson County was formed in 1851 from parts of Macon County and Haywood County. It was named for President Andrew Jackson. Sylva became the county seat in 1913.

Another shot of downtown Sylva, once we parked the car.

By the way, some scenes from the movies The Fugitive and Deliverence were filmed in/near Sylva.

While George and I were talking outloud about where to eat lunch, a woman on the sidewalk pointed out Pixie's, a local place right across the street. It used to be a barbershop!

We had a delightful time visiting Jackson County! I'd recommend it highly. Check out my Flickr set of Jackson County for the rest of the stop.

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WRLemay said...

They got done with the Library and Courthouse renovation, and it looks wonderful. The cupola has been restored and the clock works again! Dillsboro's Depot was at one time located near Depot Square (a small, triangular park near the Town Hall & Post Office) but it was knocked down in the 1960s and the present Dillsboro Depot was built out of recycled train cars in the 1980s. Downtown Sylva has a couple of construction projects in the works or in progress, including a total rebuild of the old First Citizens Bank (built in the 1920s) and a renovation of the old Library into the town Police Department. Downtown Sylva is a very nice place and I am truly gifted to have spent my childhood in the area...