Monday, September 6, 2010

Moore County

Cameron, my first stop in Moore County
I took a vacation day on Friday to make an extra long Labor Day Weekend, so I decided to head down to Moore County. It was a delightful trip! Moore County is home to Pinehurst, Southern Pines, and several other communities, and is best known for its golf courses, which have hosted the men's and women's U.S. Open golf tournaments. I'm not a golfer, but appreciate the beauty of a golf course, so I enjoyed riding through Moore County a lot!  In addition to the golf courses I passed along the way, I was also impressed by the big, tall pine trees lining some of the roads. I usually don't consider pine trees to be majestic, but there were some majestic pine trees in Moore County.
Part of Cameron Historic District

Since my photo formatting skills have gone to pot on this blog post, I'll be rambling a little bit here about my Moore County impressions:

Although I hadn't planned to stop in Cameron, I saw the signage on my way down the highway, and decided to take the exit and see if it was nearby. It didn't take me long to ride in and through Cameron, so I stopped and took a few pictures. It has a nice little historic district, and according to its Wikipedia page, there are three professional wrestlers who called Cameron home.
Donald J. Ross, Architect of Pinehurst No. 2
and Champion Golfer

This statue is in the Pinehurst business district, and pays homage to Donald J. Ross, a professional golfer and golf course architect. I'd never heard of him before, so I'm happy to know a little more about him. Apparently, he's quite famous for his golf courses!
While driving around Moore County, I also enjoyed finding the WRAL weather satellite photographed below, as well as the town of Foxfire, because I like its name!

Park behind Southen Pines Welcome Center
In Downtown Southern Pines
Welcome Sign for the Town of Firefox
Southern Pines

One of several golf courses I passed
Southern Pines Water Tower and WRAL Weather Satellite

Pinehurst City Clock
Southern Pines Welcome Center

Cameron United Methodist Church

Part of Cameron's Historic District