Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yadkin County, North Carolina

George and I enjoyed a mini-vacation to West Jefferson (and a return to Ashe County) over July 4th, and decided to take a look at Yadkin County for this blog on our way back home. Although it was a bit spur of the moment, we enjoyed our quick trip through Yadkin County, and I'd love a return trip to the area, especially to explore the wineries in the Yadkin Valley area. In fact, all of Yadkin County is included in the Yadkin Valley American Viticultural Area.

Yadkin County was formed in 1850 from Surry County, south of the Yadkin River (after which the county is named). It's considered part of the piedmont (middle) region of North Carolina, but the Brushy Mountains skirt the western part of Yadkin.

We decided to make stops in Jonesville, Boonville, and Yadkinville, the county seat, as we made our way eastward toward home.

Jonesville Public Library

Jonesville, the oldest town in Yadkin County, has a nice welcome center and town hall for such a small town. It has a cute little library too! For Atlantic Coast Conference and Wake Forest University basketball fans, Dickie Hemric hails from Jonesville.

Next, we stopped in Boonville, where the public library and a mural of the town were highlights. Apparently, the town is named after Daniel Boone, who spent some time in the area. Read all about it on the webpage, "History of Boonville, NC."

Our final stop was Yadkinville, the county seat and largest city in Yadkin County. Looking for a place to park for a shot of the Yadkin County Courthouse, we happened upon the office of The Yadkin Ripple! I thought it was a fun name for a paper, so I took the picture on the left.

I look forward to returning to Yadkin County sometime, especially to explore the wineries in the area! Meanwhile, the rest of my Yadkin County photos are here.

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