Sunday, January 13, 2013

Warren County, North Carolina

I thoroughly enjoyed my January 4 visit to Warren County! Since I'd never been to Warren County before, I did some quick research beforehand. The county was formed in 1779, and named for John Warren. The county seat is Warrenton. Warrenton was one of the wealthiest towns in North Carolina from 1840-1860, so there are some nice old homes and buildings there. As a result, over half of Warrenton has been designated as a National Historic District.

On my way to my first planned stop in Ridgeway, I passed through Manson, thanks to the small post office! I saw a sign about Soul City, near Manson, but didn't stop to explore.

Church of the Good Shepherd
Although I missed the Ridgeway Cateloupe Festival (maybe I'll go back in July), I did find the future home of the Ridgeway Historical Museum, as well as the Church of the Good Shepherd, a beautiful Episcopal church, built in the Gothic Revival style. The church was locked, so I couldn't see inside, but I enjoyed taking pictures outside and around the cemetery.

Next, I found Macon, birthplace of Reynolds Price, author and Duke professor, who passed away in 2011. It's a small place, but I snapped a picture of the post office and a sign.

Warren County Courthouse
I ended my trip in Warrenton, county seat. I found the Warren County Courthouse, as well as the Fairview Cemetery. I also enjoyed taking pictures inside the Warrenton post office, which has a WPA mural. I enjoyed a late lunch in the Hardware Cafe (across from the courthouse) before heading home.

The rest of my photos of Warren County are here.